Why you need HR software for your SME

Why you need HR software for your SME

29 March 2023

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Working in an SME can be tough, but it can also be hugely rewarding as you and your team can watch the business grow and thrive. There are many stresses and challenges to running an SME, as you try and juggle the needs of your business and its team. It’s fine to admit though that despite being able to multi-task to the max, you aren’t going to be an expert in everything and nor are your staff.

That is where you need to find other solutions to take the pain away. HR software may not be your first thought when it comes to pain relief, but having a good HR software system in place will certainly ease your headaches and deliver a great return on investment in ways that you might not imagine. Keep reading to learn more why you need HR software for your SME.

Productivity and process management

Employees are great. They’re the heartbeat of any SME, but having employees creates work in the form of various people processes. Your employees will have various contracts, letters and forms that document the employee lifecycle. They will be off sick, they will want to use their holiday entitlement and you have an obligation to keep all the data you gather about your staff safe. You can do all of that the hard way by having lots of paperwork or you can automate your people processes and information storage by using HR software. It’s a no brainer really. HR software will save your SME time, it will save your SME money and it will free up your employees to be more productive and do what they do best.

By implementing HR software, staff can use self serve workflows to easily check their own records to view the documents uploaded there. They can request holiday at the touch of a button on their phone wherever and whenever they choose. Your admin staff will benefit too as they won’t have to chase up signatures on bits of paper or spend hours sorting through filing cabinets searching for a document. All your employee data will be securely stored in one place and if you fully embrace HR software you’ll use much less paper which is more sustainable and better for the environment.

Employee experience

The overwhelming majority of people now use a smartphone in different ways in their day to day life. By having HR software which allows employees to self serve, an SME will create an enhanced employee experience from the outset. The use of such technology creates a great first impression with new staff. It shows that a business is modern and forward thinking and in an environment where turnover is high and companies are fighting for great people you need to do everything possible to engage and retain employees. Using effective HR software that actually makes employees’ lives easier will assist your business and generate positive buy in and engagement from staff.

Cost effectiveness

The costs of HR software will vary between providers. Some will charge a set up fee and annual licence fee. Some will charge per user per month. The software though will quickly deliver a return on investment for your SME through efficiencies and time saving. By using HR software you eliminate vast amounts of paperwork so the saving in paper, printing and storage costs alone will allow an SME to divert vital funds to areas where they can make a real difference to the business. Less time spent on repetitive HR admin tasks also frees up staff to do the job you actually hired them to do.

Recording and reporting

For an SME, using HR software is the perfect way to gather and manage staff data and information in a quick and simple way. There’s no filling in of hard copy forms and no filing cabinets stuffed with odd pieces of paper. Instead, workflows take care of all the transactional HR administration tasks and at the touch of a button, you can see an employee’s full record. Your HR software will manage holidays, staff absence and all employee information.

By gathering and reporting on data, you can analyse all sorts of information, from the age profile of your staff which can inform your approach to succession planning, to absence trends which will highlight individuals or teams of concern where action is needed to stop issues from developing. Collecting and reporting on staff data will enable your SME to work more effectively and efficiently and will add a level of informed validation to your business decisions.

You need HRX

Our HRX software has been specifically designed by people who work with SMEs for SMEs. We understand your world and we understand your pain points. That’s why we created HRX to enable your business to manage HR processes in a way that enables you and your team to focus more on your core business and being the best you can be. HRX is perfect for SMEs and by using our 30 day free trial you have nothing to lose.

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