How can a HR system save you time?

How can a HR system save you time?

11 April 2023

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HR administration can be time consuming as there are always tasks to complete. This can be tasks such as creating and saving contracts for new starters, processing sickness absence information, or logging holiday requests and checking entitlement. Implementing an efficient and effective HR system such as HRX, can really benefit your business as it will undoubtedly save you a massive chunk of time, which is currently spent managing paper-based records and completing labour and time intensive day to day HR administration tasks.

Here are just some of the ways HRX will give you back more time to focus on your business:

All of your HR templates in one place

You can store all your typical HR templates on your HR system and can access them easily as and when needed. Having a standard set of HR templates is really beneficial as not only will using them save you and your staff time, it will also ensure that there is a consistency of approach across your business. A recent blog cited the main benefits of HR templates as, “ helping illustrate standard operating procedures, saving time, reducing errors, maintaining consistency, and ensuring compliance with legal and corporate policies”.

Having a well developed set of HR templates will avoid the need to keep re-writing documents each time they are required and new templates can be added and saved onto the system as they are developed. Our HRX system will provide you with guides, letters and forms covering everything you will need when managing your people, and it’s all in one place in our Knowledge Base section.

Employee self-service

A genuine time saving feature of many HR systems is employee self-service. Self-service means that the HR system, including our very own HRX, can easily be accessed by your employees as and when they like, from wherever they are. This means that among other things, they can review their own personal data, make any amendments, check leave balances, make leave requests and report sickness absence.

Having this information available at their fingertips will reduce the number of queries coming the way of your admin team or line managers. Everyone will therefore get the gift of time to be more effective and productive in their role, which can only be a good thing for your clients and the bottom line of your business.

Once requests have been approved they will show on the employee and the manager’s dashboard when they log in to the system. This means that at a glance a manager will know if and why someone is absent rather than having to waste time by going to look for a form or a note in a diary about who has booked leave that day.

Reduces paperwork

Hard copy employee records take up time in processing and space in storage. By implementing an HR system, your paper-based records can become a thing of the past as your HR system will hold the entire set of records on the system. Say goodbye to spending hours on end filing new starter documents and contracts. You’ll be able to see what colour your desk actually is by getting rid of the pile of leave requests on it. The time saved in getting rid of paper really is endless.

You won’t need to spend time ordering the paper, storing boxes when they are delivered, unjamming the printer or photocopier when it inevitably breaks down, or looking through a file in a back office to try and find a document that you hope is there but has disappeared. Our award winning HRX system solves all these issues and again contributes to you saving time. With no paper and no printing your business saves money and also becomes more sustainable and good for the environment too!

Streamlines your processes

Using an HR system, such as HRX, can help your business to streamline its HR processes which without doubt will assist you in saving even more time. For example, many businesses that don’t use HR systems use antiquated methods of requesting and recording annual leave such as request forms, diaries, wall planners and spreadsheets.

A HR system will eliminate all of these through a slick electronic workflow process and will also save you time as it is highly likely that somewhere along the line in those existing processes, data entry will be duplicated. Manual data entry is also liable to increased levels of error and we’ve all made a request of some sort where our form has somehow been lost in paperwork. These missing forms subsequently cost time in someone looking for them and then confirming that the form is indeed lost, so it has to be filled out again.

Produces reports

Information reporting using HR systems really is child’s play. There’s no more trawling through spreadsheets and manually inputting the data to produce a report. A HR system, such as HRX has a report function that can pull data from any field in the system at the click of a button. Whether you want to review sickness absence or look at missing data, HRX can help with that and the reports are simple to use and available in seconds.

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If saving time is one of your main focuses, HRX can help to get things done more efficiently, and give you time to become more operational. Sign up for your free 30 day trial to find out for yourself!

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