How can a HR system save you time?

How can a HR system save you time?

29 March 2022

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HR administration can be time consuming as there are always tasks to complete. This is just one benefit of implementing HRX as we can save you all the time spent managing paper-based records and completing day to day tasks.

Here are just some of the ways HRX will give you back more time to focus on your business:


You can store all your HR templates on here and can access them easily when needed. This will avoid the need to keep re-writing documents each time they are required. HRX will provide you with guides, letters and forms covering everything you will need when managing your people, and it’s all in one place.

Employee Self-Service

HRX can easily be accessed by your employees where they can review their own personal data, make any amendments, check leave balances, make leave requests and report sickness absence. Having this information available at their fingertips will reduce the number of queries coming your way. HRX makes authorising leave and other absences simple by having it all on the same page.

Reducing paperwork

Employee records take up time and space. Paper-based records can be a thing of the past as HRX holds the entire record on the system. No more new starter documents, contracts, leave requests building up on your desk to scan and file….HRX solves all that so there is no need to waste paper and time printing, so we’re good for the environment too!

Streamline your processes

HRX can help you to streamline your HR processes and eliminate the need for separate leave and new starter spreadsheets. Manual data entry can be very time consuming, but HRX can combine all these processes into one.

Producing reports

No more trawling through spreadsheets and manually inputting the data to produce a report, HRX has a report function that can pull the data from one place at the click of a button. Whether you want to review sickness absence or look at missing data on records, HRX can help with that and the reports are simple to use and available in seconds.


If saving time is one of your main focuses, HRX can help to get things done more efficiently and to give you time to become more operational. Sign up for your free 30 day trial to find out for yourself!

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