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What is HR software and why does my business need it?

Let’s not get too techy here. HR software helps you to automate your processes and bring together lots of your people data into one system. Our HRX software provides the perfect online platform for this data in either its desktop or mobile app version. If you have a spreadsheet here, an email there and a bunch of forms somewhere in that pile on your desk with various bits of people related information on then you need HRX so that your business can manage people the smart way and spend the time you save on winning that next big contract.

What’s so great about HRX?

HRX is easy to use, it covers all the essential HR bases and more, it’s designed by people like you and it has everything you need in one place. Imagine your headaches around staff booking annual leave, absence recording and reporting, HR documents and onboarding. HRX takes away that pain for you. If that’s not enough it won’t stand still, as HR and the world around us changes so will HRX with new features customers actually want being added to our development roadmap.

How secure is our data in HRX?

Data protection is an integral part of modern business. HRX is built with your security in mind to ensure the confidentiality of your data. We adhere to strict GDPR guidelines to give you added peace of mind.

Please see the following document for more information on system security HRX Security Information

Tell me more, tell me more, can I get a free trial?

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Does the system comply with Privacy Laws & GDPR?

Absolutely! Whist the system stores the data securely (in an encrypted format using Transport Layer Security (TLS), specifically HTTPS using a secure connection), you remain the owner and controller of the data, we are merely the order processor and in this capacity process data exclusively at your instruction.  You can also be confident that all data held within the system will be stored securely in the UK and / or the EU. If you ever decide to leave us, we’ll keep your data for 30 days after so that you can change your mind.  If you don’t come back to us in that 30 days, your data is destroyed.

How will HRX make my life as a manager easier?

By using the customisable dashboard and the one-click menu you have all your staff data at your fingertips. Need to know who’s on holiday today? It’s right there on the dashboard. Want to check who’s been off sick this month? Hit the report button. No more tearing your hair out trying to find that form – relax, it’s in the documents section.

Will HRX save me time?

Hell yeah! HRX removes all the typical staff related paperwork and puts it into simple, easy to use workflows so that you can manage your team more efficiently and also find that biscuit that you thought you’d eaten but was actually hiding under the pile of holiday request forms!

What can I do on HRX?

What can’t you do? HRX lets you manage the full employment journey from onboarding, through to performance management and exit interviews in one paperless system. Your dashboard provides a smart, interactive tool with all the essential employee information right there so you know who’s who and what’s what. HRX has been designed by managers not eggheads, we speak your language, we’ve shared your pain and we’ve put together HRX so that it works for you.

What about my employees?

Your employees can access HRX via their desktop or mobile and they can go straight to their own info. We know you’ve got better things for your employees to do, we’ve kept HRX simple and created a smart system so they can only see the useful stuff that they actually need.

What can your team do with HRX?

Your team can request leave, report absence and view their personal details and associated documents. 

Eye spy someone looking at their data. Who can see them?

We know personal information is important to everyone, it is to us too. HRX makes sure that only people who need to see an individual’s data have access to it, end of.

How do I become a Reseller?

Get in touch with us at and we’ll talk you through everything from training, to demos and the all-important commission.

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