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We believe that happy workplaces are productive workplaces. From small businesses to large businesses, if you need expert HR advice and support, we’ve got your back.

Our team, much like our HR software, are bright, friendly and helpful. If you have any issues with HR in your business, our HRXperts are on hand to assist with everything from handling disputes to planning for annual leave.

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We offer HR advice
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Are you looking for advice on how to support an employee? Maybe an issue has arisen and you’re not sure how to approach it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! When you need an extra bit of expert HR advice, we’re here for you.

We support small businesses and large businesses with extra guidance, management and advice. If you simply don’t have the time or resources, our HRXperts can help plan and support your staff.

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On demand help
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Our helpful Knowledge Base is filled with information that cover many day-to-day HR eventualities. In just a few simple clicks, you’ll find everything you need. If you can’t, our HRXperts are just a phone call away to give you the HR advice you’re looking for.

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We help businesses of all shapes and sizes

From small businesses with a team of 5 to large businesses with over 150 staff, HRX can help you. If you need extra HR support for your business, whether it’s reviewing a contact or disciplinary support – we can help!

Take the pain away

We want you to sleep well at night and not worry about your people problems. We take them away for you, work with you to resolve any current issues and stop them reoccurring

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Keep you out of tribunal

We’ll take the emotion out of dealing with the unexpected and unwanted by advising you and handling your disciplinaries, grievances, absence issues, change and difficult employees

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Compliant Documentation

We’ll make sure your contracts, policies, handbooks and other templates are compliant with current legislation and meet the needs of your business

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is easy...

Switching to HRX is a breeze – whether you have existing electronic HR data, or it’s all in a filing cabinet, switching is minimum effort. It’s a really easy export/import process and we’ll work with you to make your switchover seamless and hassle-free.

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Never miss or forget anything you need to do as a diligent employer
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