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4 Christmas HR challenges and how to manage them

Christmas is a time of year many people enjoy, no matter the industry they work in. Numerous companies outside of retail and hospitality tend to wind down and have quieter periods over Christmas and New Year. However, for employers and HR professionals, it can be quite a stressful time and there can also be several…
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29 November 2023


Can you legally make your employees return to the workplace?

In the 4 years since many people started to work from home, the world of work has changed significantly but in some cases employers, and employees, have started to consider reverting back to pre-pandemic working norms. Towards the back end of 2023, a number of large corporations, including Lloyds, Amazon and Google, started to ask…
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17 November 2023


4 day working week: the pros and cons

With employees increasingly seeking flexible working arrangements and an enhanced work-life balance, the subject of the standard 5 day working day has been brought into focus as businesses assess their options. A recent pilot programme saw 61 UK companies and their near 3,000 employees trial a 4 day working week for a 6 month period,…
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8 November 2023


How To Effectively Manage Employee Time Off Over Christmas

After the school summer holiday months, Christmas and New Year are typically the time when you will have the most requests from employees to take time off. Naturally, at this time of year, many people want to take time off to spend with their family and friends. Some people may need to travel long distances,…
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2 November 2023


5 common HR mistakes and how you can avoid them

As an employer, your staff can be your biggest asset, but they can also cause you the biggest headaches. If you make mistakes with your HR processes, your problems may be compounded and could spiral into something bigger. Understanding common HR mistakes is crucial to the success of your business. Keep reading to learn the…
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26 October 2023


What is the employee life cycle?

Depending on which research and expert articles you read, the employee life cycle is a process including between 7 and 11 stages that tracks an employee’s journey through the time of their employment with a company. Indeed defines the employee life cycle as, “a model that helps professionals in human resources and business development to…
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5 October 2023


A guide to jury duty and pay for employees

If you are on the UK electoral register and you’re aged 18-75, then statistics from CPD Online College suggest that there is around a 40% chance of you being called for jury service. In 2019, approximately 347,000 summons were randomly issued for jurors to serve at court for what is typically a 10 working day…
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26 September 2023


What is a personal development review?

Personal development reviews are a crucial part of the performance management process within a company. These discussions are the opportunity for employees to sit down with their line manager, and talk about the skills, knowledge and experience they want to develop. The purpose of this discussion is to either help them enhance their performance in…
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20 September 2023


6 key HR policies and procedures you should be implementing

For businesses of any size, it’s important to have an established set of key HR policies and procedures. This might not be at the top of an employer’s list of priorities, but in reality it shouldn’t be too far down the list. The importance of HR policies is often overlooked, or misunderstood, but having clearly…
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7 September 2023


What are the best HR metrics to track?

As an employer, you will gather a whole host of information and data about your staff. If you use paper records or a mix of paper and spreadsheets, it becomes difficult and highly time consuming to keep the information and data up-to-date, let alone carry out any meaningful assessment and analysis of it. By implementing…
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30 August 2023

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