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How to effectively manage staff workload

One of the cornerstones of running a productive, successful business which is full of happy and thriving employees is to ensure that the workload of those employees is managed effectively. If you have everyone working at their maximum, day after day, then you’re soon going to end up with staff who are stressed and burnt…
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10 November 2022


What happens if an employee leaves without notice?

When an employee leaves without giving notice or if they give short notice, it can create a number of headaches and questions for their employer. Can I spread the leaver’s work out among the rest of the team until a replacement is found? Who’s going to attend the meetings they had booked in? Do I…
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1 November 2022


How to create a staff rota

Creating a staff rota for your business can be a real headache. It may seem like a simple task but in reality it can prove incredibly challenging to get your rota right. An effective rota is an essential part of running a business in many sectors such as retail, hospitality, health care, transport and manufacturing….
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20 October 2022


What is the Bradford Factor?

According to data collected by the ONS, an estimated 149.3 million working days were lost in 2021 in the UK due to staff absence. This works out at around 4.6 days per worker. Staff absence disrupts a business, can create stress for those covering for absent colleagues and ultimately costs a business money. With that…
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14 October 2022


What to do when an employee is off sick with stress

According to data gathered by BUPA, around 1 in 40 workers experienced work-related stress in 2021 and approximately 18 million working days are lost each year due to stress. That’s over 50% of all absence from work which is attributed to one reason. Throughout our lives we will all experience stress at different times and…
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6 October 2022


TOIL Policy: What is it and how do I manage it?

A business may sometimes need its employees to work extra hours. That might be staying late to finish a project or when you need to bring in staff for a few hours to cover a particularly busy period. It may also be when someone calls in sick at the last minute. That’s when a TOIL…
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30 September 2022


How to effectively manage annual leave

Managing annual leave is a pain point for many SMEs. Who is responsible for calculating and tracking it? Who approves it? Who decides how many employees can be on holiday at once? Who checks if employees have overtaken or undertaken on their entitlement and what happens with unplanned absences and unpaid leave? Scratch the surface…
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20 September 2022


A Guide to Staff Appraisals

What is a staff appraisal? An appraisal is a way of assessing how an employee has performed over a period of time against their objectives. If objectives haven’t been set, it’s a way of assessing an employee against the main responsibilities of their role. Why should you complete staff appraisals? Appraisals can be a valuable…
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7 September 2022


How to manage unauthorised absence

What is unauthorised absence? Unauthorised absence is when an employee fails to attend work without a valid reason or permission to be absent. It can also occur when an employee fails to follow the correct reporting procedures for absence. On occasion, it can happen when an employee reports their absence and the reason provided, isn’t…
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31 August 2022


Can I contact an employee on sick leave?

The short answer will always be, it depends. The circumstances of the absence, the reason for the contact and the relationship you have with the absent employee will to a large extent determine whether contacting them will be appropriate. What do the experts say? The guidance from ACAS says, “It’s important that both the employer…
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19 August 2022

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