How can a HR system save your business money?

How can a HR system save your business money?

9 May 2023

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At HRX we’ve made our HR software as affordable as we can because we’re conscious that small and medium size businesses have seen many of their costs go through the roof in the last 12 months. We don’t see why businesses should be priced out of using a fantastic system that will ultimately save them time and money.

When you choose to implement our HR software in your business, we believe there are three key areas where HRX can actually save your business money:

Administration Time

If you run an SME, it’s most likely  you and your team wear more hats than you have heads. We’ve been there, we’ve experienced exactly that and we understand the pressures and challenges you and your staff face on a daily basis. One of your team might dabble in HR admin but they are by no means an expert. It’s down to them to track holiday requests, check nobody has overbooked their entitlement, ensure requests are approved and inform the employee, and then make a record of the holiday.

It takes up quite a lot time and it’s time that can be way better spent doing something more productive. HRX automates holiday management through its clever but simple workflows. This means that the process involves minimal administration time and resource and it’s a vast improvement of what you had before.

HRX will also save administration time when it comes to absence reporting and recording so you know exactly who is in or off sick and also allows you to monitor any patterns so you can take a proactive approach if needed. That means that you get the most out of your team and don’t have to bring expensive temporary agency staff in to cover.

A great time and money saving feature of HRX is its document storage and employee record management. Rather than having employee documents printed and stored in various filing cabinets, all documents are stored electronically on HRX. This means no more time being wasted waiting for the printer or hunting for a letter. Instead, administration time and capacity is created to help to drive your business forward in a way that makes a real difference.

Employee Self Service

Whether your team are in the office, or out and about helping to grow and develop your business, they can access HRX via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone which helps to save your business money. HRX has multi-layer access levels for different types of users, but everyone has access to their own record via the employee self-service functionality. Your team can update their own employee record and they don’t have to ring up the office to check something.

By using HRX, that update is done in a couple of clicks, no forms need printing and no doubling up on a simple task. Employees can view their own contract at the click of a button. They can view any letters about changes, they can check their holiday entitlement and see if anyone else is off at the same time they want to be, all by logging in via self-service.


Photocopiers, paper, printer cartridges, folders, filing cabinets, shredding and more all costs your business money when you store all your employee data in hard copies. When you have HRX, it saves your business money as it means that you can go paper free. Your employee records are all stored securely in the system and so you don’t need to have hard copy records unless you really want to.

The amount of money you save each month by not having hard copies will quickly cover the cost of implementing HRX and the system will therefore generate a great return on investment for your business. If that isn’t enough then your business will also become more environmentally sustainable so it’s a no brainer really. Save your business time, money and the planet – what’s not to like about that?

See for yourself

Did you know you can try before you buy at HRX? Simply sign up to our FREE 30 day trial to see for yourself just how much time and money you can save for your business!

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