How can a HR system save your business money?

How can a HR system save your business money?

12 April 2022

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We love HRX and have made it as affordable as we can at just £1 per employee, per month, so that small and medium size businesses can use a fantastic system that will ultimately save them money.

We believe that there are three key areas where HRX can actually save your business money.

Admin Time

You run an SME and in all likelihood you and your team wear way more hats than you have heads! One of your team might dabble in HR admin but they are by no means an expert and it’s down to them to track holiday requests, check nobody has overbooked their entitlement, ensure requests are approved and the employee is informed and then make a record of the holiday so that everyone else knows that Dave is going to Turkey for two weeks in July. Let’s be honest that’s a faff, it takes time and it’s time that can be better spent doing something more productive. HRX automates and streamlines a number of key processes so that your team get their time back and that saves your business money

Employee Self Serve

Whether your team are in the office or out and about they can access HRX and that also helps to save your money. They can update their own employee record and they don’t have to ring up Julie in the office to check something in their contract which then takes up their time and poor Julie’s. By using HRX that update is done in a couple of clicks, no forms, no doubling up on a simple task by filling in a form that someone else then has to enter the data from and Julie can be doing more important things as the employee can view their own contract at the click of a button because it’s attached to their employee record.


Paper, printer cartridges, staples, files all cost your business money but when you have HRX your employee records are all stored in the system and so you don’t need to have hard copy records and unless you really want to print something you can go paperless, saving money and also saving the environment, win win.


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