How much does a HR system cost?

How much does a HR system cost?

22 April 2022

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The marketplace for HR systems contains a whole range of products from a wide variety of suppliers. Some of these systems offer a simple, stand alone product at a monthly cost based on the number of users usually set within bands. Then there’s the suppliers who offer a core system with additional bolt on extra modules with each one adding to the cost. You’ll also find some suppliers charge an annual fee that is ascribed to “maintenance costs”, “server costs” or “development costs”. When you start to factor all of these extras in, the cost you originally thought you were going to pay has quickly disappeared and been replaced by something that might make your eyes water.

At HRX we don’t believe in over complicating things. One of our main aims was to create a product that is accessible to all businesses. We have a great product that covers all the HR essentials and takes away those people headaches around booking and tracking holidays, absence and staff documents. We’re also committed to listening to customer feedback and adding new features that businesses actually want so that HRX becomes even better.

Our pricing is also easy to understand at just £1 per month per employee, no hidden extras, no annual fees. The system is intuitive and will add starters and remove leavers so that your monthly bill reflects the number of staff that you have using the system. We think that gives our customers peace of mind and genuine value for money.


Ready to give it for a spin? Check out our pricing page where you can sign up for a 30 day free trial!

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