How can HR systems help with recruitment processes?

How can HR systems help with recruitment processes?

21 June 2022

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HR systems have revolutionised the world of recruitment in recent years. They have helped businesses to streamline and automate processes in ways which has been of benefit to the employer and job applicants. Many HR systems either have built in recruitment functionality or the system will have a bolt on recruitment module. Some companies will also have an applicant tracking system (ATS). This will interface with their main HR system so that data can be easily transferred from one to the other.

The overwhelming majority of candidates now apply for a job online rather than the traditional hard copy CV and covering letter. By using an HR system or ATS, that process is now far more efficient. Candidates details are fed directly into the system when they apply online. This negates the need for time consuming administration and data entry tasks at the back end of the process.

With candidate information already in your system, shortlisting is also made much more efficient. You don’t have to wait for someone to copy all the applications in triplicate and sit with colleagues to decide who to interview. HR systems which offer recruitment functionality will have a built in shortlisting feature. This is so the shortlisters can review the applications at a place and time that suits them and score candidates based on pre-set criteria. Once everyone involved has completed their scoring, each candidate will be ranked and your shortlist is complete.

HR systems help with recruitment processes

Once shortlisting has been completed, an HR system can then be deployed to send interview details to candidates. Some systems will allow candidates to book their own interview time directly into a calendar. This calendar will then sync the bookings with the calendar of the interviewers.

Although HRX systems are great, they won’t actually interview candidates for you! You will still have to interview either face-to-face or remotel. When a decision has been made and an offer accepted, your HR system can kick back in and be used to send out contracts. It will also store all the pre-employment checks that you carry out on new starters.

All in all, an HR system that can deliver on recruitment and automate processes will significantly reduce administration tasks, time and costs. It also presents a forward thinking impression of the company to candidates. It gives them an enhanced application experience. And in a world where attracting candidates is tough enough, can give a business an added competitive advantage.

If you’re about to embark on the journey of recruitment and you want to save yourself time on admin tasks, why not take a look at how our HR software can help? What’s more, you can even sign up for a FREE 30 day trial!

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