What role does AI play in HR?

What role does AI play in HR?

3 August 2023

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There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolutionary area of technology and there seems to be a lot of people giving credence to the phrase, “the machines are taking over”. However in this blog, we explore the role of AI in HR and how businesses can use this powerful piece of technology to their advantage. Let’s dive right in.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

There are actually different strands and classifications of artificial intelligence which depend on how complex it is and how it imitates human intelligence. To go into the level of detail needed to fully explain this though can be quite technical and unnecessary, so we’ll stick to some basics.

Most people have some experience of encountering AI in real world environments and applications and so have a basic understanding of what it is. The website Tech4Fresher defines AI as, “a branch of computer science that can simulate human intelligence. AI is implemented in machines to perform tasks that actually require human intelligence. If you are wondering, what is AI? Some of their primary functions includes the likes of reasoning, learning, problem-solving and quick decision making”.

How can AI be used in HR?

AI can be a powerful and effective tool to support HR. By using AI, HR teams can save time and money through the automation of a range of traditionally manual and labour intensive tasks. Let’s take a look at some practical uses of AI in HR:


Recruitment has often been at the forefront of technology usage in HR with the implementation of applicant tracking systems and the like, and AI is now taking that a step further. Some companies are now using the AI tool, ChatGPT, to write job descriptions, job adverts and interview questions.

AI is also being implemented to source and attract candidates by carrying out targeted online searches. Once suitable candidates have been identified, AI can then be set up to analyse CVs so that a hiring manager is ultimately presented with a set of shortlisted candidates to review rather than having to do a full sift of all CVs received. When candidates have been chosen for interview, AI can then be used to interact with them, arrange interviews and even carrying out particular selection tasks.

The benefit to HR and line managers of using AI to assist with recruitment is that the level of human involvement in the administration element of recruitment is minimal, unconscious bias is removed and the time saved compared to running a typical recruitment campaign is huge. Candidates also have a positive experience which is seamless and engaging.

Onboarding and offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding of employees without AI is time consuming and typically involves lots of paper and a range of interactions whereby the starter or leaver fills in a whole host of forms. When AI is put in place, these processes become much slicker and far more efficient. New starters can be guided through onboarding by an AI platform so that all documents are readily available, the new starter can read them at their leisure and the AI could even be set up to deal with frequently asked questions. AI can also be used to schedule a new hire’s induction.

From an offboarding perspective, AI can be implemented to go through exit questionnaires and then if necessary, human intervention can follow on. For HR, this again saves time and resource and for employees, it provides a modernised method of working.

Performance and training

Using AI to support performance management is a huge time saver not only for HR, but also for busy line managers. Systems powered by AI can be used to collect, track and provide comprehensive reporting on employee performance. At the drop of a hat, a manager has a whole suite of information available to them to assist with performance review meetings, annual appraisals and objective/target setting, rather than having to trawl through data, use spreadsheets and other manual methods to get the information they need.

AI is also being used to support staff training and development. By capturing information about existing skills, roles within the business and an employee’s career goals, AI can pull everything together to produce a bespoke training plan for employees and even recommend relevant courses and other training and development opportunities.


Chatbots are most people’s main experience of AI and are used by many companies as the first point of contact with customers online. From an HR perspective, chatbots can be used to deal with many frequently asked questions about contracts, policies, holiday entitlement etc. and they effectively fulfil the role of a 24/7 HR Admin Assistant. Employees are happy because they receive a quick answer to their questions at a time and place that suits them rather than having to email or pick up the phone to HR. This sort of service demonstrates that the employer is forward thinking and wants to create a positive employee experience. The time saved by the HR team can then also be better used on other areas of work to support employees and help to drive the business forward.

Try HRX today

As AI technology continues to grow, the role it plays and its influence in the world of HR will expand and will create further efficiencies. HR will always require the human touch and the use of AI in HR is not intended to replace HR professionals, but to support them in their role of managing the employee life cycle and being the team that keeps a business and its people running smoothly.

Implementing HR software like HRX, is your first step to incorporating AI in your business. Why not test HRX out and see if it works for your business by signing up to our FREE 30 day trial today. Or if you have any questions, contact our team for more information.

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