What are the top 5 benefits of HR Software to Employees?

What are the top 5 benefits of HR Software to Employees?

29 December 2022

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What are the top 5 benefits of HR Software to Employees?

When companies consider the benefits of HR software they often do so from the point of view of their HR or management team. But what are the benefits of HR software to employees? Below, we detail our top 5.

Self Serve

One of the benefits of HR software is that whether your team is in the office or out and about, they can access HR software remotely 24/7. Employees have control of their data and can update their employee records when any details change. Staff are also more autonomous as they have access to key documents in their employee record such as their contract. This means that they can check information as and when needed rather than having to call into the office for someone to dig a hard copy file out of the cabinet for them. Although HR software will vary between providers, the majority of systems allow staff to make holiday requests and check their remaining entitlement in a few clicks which is far quicker and easier for them. Some also have built-in clocking in and out functionality and some even offer a platform for the recording and submission of expenses so that employees can use the same system or app for all their transactional HR needs and get rid of multiple forms or spreadsheets.

Data security

Modern life has made people much more conscious of their personal information, how and by whom it is used, and how it is stored. When a business doesn’t use HR software, sensitive personal employee information will likely be kept as hard copies in numerous places. Documents with these details are frequently left on desks where anyone can see them. That data can include things like someone’s date of birth, address, and even bank details which is a genuine risk of a data breach for employees. An HR system removes the need for hard copies as all the data and documents are stored securely online. HR software systems typically offer different levels of user access as well so employees can rest assured that only colleagues who have a genuine need to see and process their data can do so. The overwhelming majority of software systems will have multiple layers of cyber security to prevent hacking which is more secure than a piece of paper being left in an intray.

Digital experience

A recent study by Datareportal found that on average, people of a typical working age (16-64) in the UK spend 6 hours and 3 minutes online daily on any device. While work-related tasks will be responsible for a chunk of that time, this data clearly shows that people are now accustomed, if not addicted in some cases, to being online. Statcounter shows that 50.19% of internet usage in the UK is now via mobile devices. That is on a constant upward trend from 11.57% in 2012 and shows how the population has transformed the way it operates digitally. Employees on the whole are used to living digitally so the move to using HR software is for a natural progression, gives them a more user-friendly experience, and shows them that their employer has a forward-thinking approach that links in with the way that they live outside of work. It is also beneficial as employees can access the system 24/7 at their leisure which puts them in control.

Clear communication

Another one of the benefits of HR software is that along with other channels of communication, an HR software system can be used to communicate with employees which can be of real benefit to them and your business. If your HR system has the functionality, then you can use it with employees before they even start with you by sending their contracts directly to them from the system to set the onboarding ball rolling. Your software might also allow you to send new hires a link to capture their details so those all important new starter forms are done and dusted and on day one they can get on with real work. Having made a holiday request through an HR system an employee will be able to see if it has been received, reviewed, and authorised, rather than waiting for the old-style holiday request form to come back to them. HR software can be used to communicate effectively with employees in other ways. That might be as simple as banners or scrolling messages that are served directly to staff and deliver key messages so that they don’t have to read through various emails or intranet pages; to more creative content such as videos or podcasts, assuming your system allows that functionality. Whatever the format, by communicating and reinforcing key messages with structured, relevant content that fits the tone and ethos of your culture, you can use your HR system to communicate with staff and establish and embed company culture, and again that is hugely beneficial to staff and the business alike.

Better use of time and improved productivity

All of the above automation of processes will mean that employees spend more time doing their actual jobs and that they are consequently happier, more engaged, and more productive. Employees won’t be bogged down with their part in HR admin tasks, anything they need to do or any information they need to access will be at their fingertips and will take just a couple of clicks.

Can HRX Benefit Your Employees?

HRX will bring numerous benefits to your business and your employees. It will transform your transactional HR processes and your employees will love how quick and easy it is to use! You can see for yourself by signing up for a free 30-day trial on our website today!

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