What are the roles and responsibilities of an HR team?

What are the roles and responsibilities of an HR team?

10 August 2022

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If you type that question into a popular search engine it returns approximately 666,000,000 results in no time at all. So, are the roles and responsibilities of an HR team really as complicated and numerous as that search suggests? The reality is no. An HR team typically deals with all aspects of the employee lifecycle. The make up of an HR team and the roles within that team will be determined by the size and nature of the business.

What does an HR team do for a business?

First and foremost HR is a support function which underpins everything people related within a business. HR ensures that employment law is complied with. They also ensure staff are treated fairly and that their rights are respected and observed. HR works with senior management to ensure that appropriate and effective policies, plans and strategies are in place. This is to establish and maintain a positive culture and to make sure that staff are doing what they should and to look after staff. An HR team may have specialists who deal with specific aspects of the employee lifecycle. These may include recruitment, pay and benefits, training and employee relations. The HR team may just be a group of generalists who do all of the above. Either way an HR department will play a key role behind the scenes in the success of a business.

What does an HR team do for staff?

Depending on someone’s experience, you may find that HR is seen as the workplace police force or a bunch of paper pushers who sit in an enclosed office. Sometimes that is partly true. HR helps managers to deal with some difficult issues such as disciplinaries and grievances. But these circumstances only ever arise when there is a need and they should always be handled in line with employment law. If an employee walks into an HR department office it may well go quiet as a sensitive issue might have been under discussion. That’s never anything against the employee who walks in, it’s just a matter of maintaining confidentiality. An HR team is actually there as a resource for staff. An HR team will provide support, advice, a box of tissues and a cup of tea when needed. They will ensure that an employee’s wellbeing is looked after. They’ll help employees to grow through training, development and succession planning. They’ll maintain employee records to ensure the information the company holds about staff is accurate and that employees are paid correctly each month.

Can HRX assist an HR team with its roles and responsibilities?

100% yes! Firstly, HRX will help an HR team to become paperless. No more forms and bits of paper like staff information, letters, notes or certificate. Everything you would expect is stored in an individual’s employee record on HRX. This saves times, protects confidentiality and gives staff access to information as well through self-service. HR teams spend lots of time on occasions with managers to support staff who are absent. By using HRX and our absence recording and reporting processes, this is all done with a couple of clicks. This again saves you time and hassle and also allows HR professionals more time to support the people who need them. HRX automates holidays requests to get rid of unnecessary forms, spreadsheets and calendars. It contains a knowledge base so that HR can support managers to develop their people management skills and expertise. Our reporting function gives HR access to a wealth of staff data which can then be analysed as needed.

If you have an HR team and think HRX would be a great tool for you, or if you have someone in your business with responsibility for HR, then HRX could well be the solution for you! Take it for a test drive with our free 30 day trial and see what HRX can do for you.

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