Lancashire Business leaders wowed at HRX People Showcase Event immersive 360 experience launch of HRX People

Lancashire Business leaders wowed at HRX People Showcase Event immersive 360 experience launch of HRX People

14 March 2023

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We recently celebrated our software with a showcase event at The Igloo at Nelson and Colne College. Proud to be a Burnley based business, we wanted to demonstrate HRX People to business leaders from across the region. 

The event was particularly exciting as we used the college’s 360 immersive audio visual experience “The Igloo” to bring to life the software and its application to work life.

Speaking at the event, Managing Director, Lisa Sourbutts, explained “I was frustrated with other HR products on the market, they are clunky and look dated so I decided we should build our own.  HRX is simple to use and it’s two clicks to anywhere”.

HRX People has been designed with simplicity in mind.  It makes holidays, absence, driver checks, right to work checks and much easier to manage.  It can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time. It supports sustainability by allowing businesses to say goodbye to their HR paperwork and make employee data truly digital.

Early adopters who attended the event were pleased to share their experience of the software:

Wayne Ousby, Director of CVS Vehicle Group said “We’re an SME, we love HRX People for the holiday booking – most SMEs just have a spreadsheet but this has made holiday booking so easy. Members of staff love it as we’re now able to confirm holiday requests much quicker than we used to and it’s helped with the overall perception of the business to staff. Great value for money per head too.”

Burnley Borough Council were so impressed with HRX’s offering that they were awarded a grant as part of the Growth Innovation Plan. In addition, the platform was awarded ‘Leading Providers of SME HR Software’ at the prestigious Northern Enterprise Awards earlier in the year. With the HRX People system costing a maximum of £2 per employee per month it is already becoming a hit with businesses nationally and is set for continued growth.

HRX also currently has a number of opportunities for partners to join them.  Partners get access to their own partner portal and will attract 50% of any billed revenue.

Watch our videos of the launch to find out more about the event and great client feedback. 

If you like what you see, please do not hesitate to get in touch or book a demo today. 



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