Hello World! HRX is Live

Hello World! HRX is Live

8 February 2022

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After spending many months getting our new snazzy HR software right, we are proud to launch it to the world today!

HRX has been devised by HR specialists to make managing all key HR information quick and easy for business owners and managers.

Our aim was to create a product that is accessible to all businesses and our pricing can’t be easier to understand – it is just £1 per month per employee to use the system.

We have made the process of getting your existing data in a simple and as easy as possible but if you are too busy or simply need a hand then contact us and we can offer you help.

So now is the time to jump on and get started with a free trial and within no time at all you will have 100% paperless HR management and effortless people management & reporting!

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8 February 2022

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