Why does my business need an HR system?

Why does my business need an HR system?

15 April 2022

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HRX, our HR system for business, can help you to centralise and organise all of your employee data as well as fine tuning your administrative processes. Take a look at just some of the ways HRX can help your business…..


Problem – Security

Solution – HRX will keep your employee data protected and adheres to strict GDPR guidelines. Our paperless system will avoid forms being mislaid or the need for a bulky paper-based system so you will have peace of mind that names, addresses and all other details are safe and secure.


Problem – Paper-based Systems

Solution – There is no longer any need for locked filing cabinets to store your employee data. HRX will store everything online so no more spreadsheets, forms building up on your desk or hard copy files to store, everything is in one place keeping you organised and easy to find.
Think about the impact on the environment too – less paper usage and no printing requirements!


Problem – Excessive queries from staff

Solution – HRX will eliminate the need for so many queries being directed to you regarding leave allowance, what their leave balance is and changes of personal details etc. Employees can access all this information on their own record and change their own personal details when necessary.


Problem – Time spent on administration

Solution – The feature of HRX will eliminate the amount of time needed to manage your employee data. It’s easy to use, time efficient and everything is available in one place. You no longer need to waste time on lengthy manual processes, authorising on HRX is so quick and simple.


Problem – Employee Engagement

Solution – Each employee will have access to their own personal record. This allows them to view their own leave balances, book time off and report absences. They will receive notification when leave has been authorised so communication couldn’t be easier.


Problem – Compliance

Solution – At the click of a button, HRX will produce you reports of missing employee data so you can keep up to date with right to work or vehicle checks. All this information is securely stored on their record making compliance an easy task to keep on top of.


Ready to give our software a try? Check out our pricing page for more information and how you can start your free 30 day trial!

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