What to expect from a HR software demo

What to expect from a HR software demo

24 August 2023

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Before making a commitment to purchasing and implementing a HR software system, it’s crucial to understand what you need from a system and whether or not the systems you are interested in can deliver on those needs. A great way to find out is to book a HR software demo so that you can put it to the test without being obliged to buy it. Keep reading to learn exactly what happens during a software demonstration.

Before your HR software demo

In order for the demo to be a worthwhile exercise, it’s vital that you devote time to preparing for it. Here are some simple ways you can prepare:

  • Do your research – it’s pointless and a waste of everyone’s time to book in a demo for a system that doesn’t meet your basic needs, or is way out of your price bracket.
  • Book time out in your diary – once you have arranged a demo, ensure that you have sufficient time booked out in your diary so that the demo doesn’t end up being rushed.
  • Don’t get distracted – it’s important that you concentrate during the demo so try to be somewhere that you can’t be distracted and disturbed.
  • Invite important stakeholders to the demo – the decision making process on which HR software you choose is likely to involve a number of key stakeholders within a business, so don’t forget to invite them to the demo as well.
  • Prepare some questions – having a set of prepared questions is helpful because you can ensure that you have asked everything you want to cover off and if you are having demos from multiple providers then set questions allow for easier comparison.

During your HR software demo

Unlike watching promotional videos, hearing testimonials or simply reading through information on a website, a HR software demo will give you the opportunity to interact with a representative of the software vendor in real time. The presenter will usually have a set order in which they run through the demo and this will typically cover off the core features and functionality.

If you have specific issues and pain points within your HR processes that you want to automate, then the demo is the chance to see how they would be addressed. If you have had other demos, you can also see how the systems compare to each other in features and how user-friendly they are. Even if you take the presenter off plan and off script, it’s important for you to address these issues and ask any relevant questions of the presenter during the demonstration.

When you have a presenter or sales representative available, you can also ask other relevant questions such as what future developments are planned, questions about pricing and also about timescales for implementation.

After your HR software demo

Once you have had your demo, you should have a good idea if you wish to engage with the HR software provider and take it further. The demo phase doesn’t necessarily end there though. Some providers will have companies who use their systems and who are willing to act as a reference site for you. That way, you can contact another business to get their honest opinion or even go and see the software live in action in another business. You will be able to ask users in that business what they think about the system, the good, the bad and possibly the ugly so you can get a real life working experience of what the system is actually like and not just what the sales representative wants to tell you. A reference site visit is also good for finding out what happens when things go wrong, what support is in place if the system crashes and what training if any the provider gives to you.

There is also nothing wrong with asking for a second demo and even requesting an in person live demo if you feel it is necessary. After all you’re the customer, you are making an investment in this software and you want to get it right for your business and your team so that your processes and your employee experience is improved.

Book a demo with HRX

At HRX People, we offer a free 30 minute demo to all prospective customers which can be booked online in a few simple clicks. If you want to share with us any pain points before the demo, then we are happy to tailor the demo to your needs so that you get an in depth view and understanding of the features that are critical for you and your business.

There’s no hard sell and no ‘sign up now to get extra discounts’. If you have questions then we are happy to answer them honestly, if we don’t think our system meets your needs we’ll tell you. After the demo if you want to take HRX for a test drive, we also offer a free 30 day no obligation trial. This gives you the chance to really try the system out, make sure that it does what it says on the tin and meets your requirements.

We want all of our users to be happy and for HRX to make a positive difference in their business. Be sure to get in touch today and see how HRX can save you time, save you money and manage your people processes more effectively and more efficiently.

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