How can HR software improve productivity in the workplace?

How can HR software improve productivity in the workplace?

21 March 2023

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A business can reap many benefits from implementing HR software. One of the most compelling reasons for choosing to harness the power of HR software, is the improvements it can deliver for individual and company productivity. With that in mind, we outline some of the key factors of how HR software can improve productivity in the workplace.


An organisation without data, is working in the dark to measure key information. Some companies will hold data in paper format or in various spreadsheets and documents which is clunky and time consuming. By using HR software, a business will improve the quality of the data it collects, checks and verifies. The HR system will also provide a central point for data storage. This means data can quickly and easily be found rather than employees wasting time searching for the right spreadsheet or trawling through paper files.

Storing data in a HR system also allows a business to then report on and analyse it which will help to identify trends and potential issues. For example, by recording staff absence data, a business can see which employees are absent above reasonable levels and take a pro-active approach to managing this. That should result in the employee attending work more often and thus being more productive.

Engagement and retention

With many employers struggling to retain talent, HR software can actually play a part in staff engagement and retention. Engaged staff are more likely to be productive and if you can retain staff and have low turnover, then you don’t need to commit time to advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, onboarding and inducting new starters.

HR software contributes to engagement and retention by facilitating communication with employees. By giving staff access to their own record through self-serve, they can easily view development plans and review meeting notes to see how they are contributing to the success of the business. And by implementing HR software, a business is also demonstrating to its staff that they are committed to improving the employee experience and utilising new technology. This builds engagement and retention as a business is seen as being forward thinking.

Some HR software systems also include survey capability, which can be used to record, measure and track engagement. The data in an HR software system will also allow a business to report on starter and leaver information, so trends and issues in terms of retention can be identified and suitable action can then be taken.

HR admin automation

Probably the biggest selling point for HR software systems are the ways in which they can be used to automate many mundane and time-consuming HR admin tasks. The specific functionality will vary from software to software, but will typically include, employee document storage, holiday booking management, absence recording, compliance check logs and a reporting tool.

Employees can also access various parts of the system via self-service and HR software eliminates the need for paperwork. Process automation substantially speeds up task completion and therefore staff who have HR responsibilities have time to do more and focus on more business critical, proactive work.

Likewise, employees spend less time dealing with their own HR admin, such as finding a form and filling it in, finding someone to give it to, waiting for it to be returned back to them, just to request annual leave. The employee can spend more time on doing what they are actually employed to do through the use of self-service workflows.

See how can HRX help

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